Mastercard Signs with League of Legends as First Global Partner of the World’s Largest Esports

Mastercard today announced a multi-year partnership with Riot Games to become the first global sponsor for League of Legends esports, the largest esport in the world. This first-of-its-kind global agreement signifies Mastercard’s support of the esports community and further diversifies the technology company’s world-class sports and entertainment portfolio.

Fathead Teams Up With Golden Guardians To Launch New Line of Esports Merchandise

Fathead LLC, the leading sports and entertainment brand best-known for its officially licensed, life-size wall graphics of professional athletes and team logos, is pleased to announce the addition of the Golden Guardians, the North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) affiliate team of the Golden State Warriors, to its inaugural line of esports ..

Sjokz: 'If League of Legends necessarily isn't growing as explosively anymore, esports definitely is'

Podcast topics and timestamps:1:30 - Sjokz's career in Unreal Tournament and the origins of her handle7:30 - On her first experience with League of Legends12:40 - Sjokz on justifying a career in esports to her parents14:00 - Her first on-camera test with ESL18:45 - Sjokz's favourite broadcasting moments and esports stories25:00 - On the changes regarding on-location broadcasting at Worlds39:00 - On the future of League of Legends41:00 - On the possibility of moving into other esportsEefje "Sjokz"

Red Post Collection: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 26th, An Update on In-Game Performance, and more!

Today's red post collection includes Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for September 26th, the reveal of the Worlds 2018 song, RISE, a thread on in game performance issues from Riot Koalifier, and more!Continue reading for more information!Teaser: It's Hatched!Ezreal Gameplay Preview + New Bio & StoryPatch 8.19 Server MaintenancePBE Preview: Dragon Trainer HeimerdingerLearn More: Worlds 2018 EventPatch 8.

Learn More: Worlds 2018 Event

Worlds 2018 is starting soon, so here's a rundown of the event, including details on new loot, rewards, missions, skins and much more!Continue reading for more information!Table of ContentsWelcome to Worlds Season | Worlds Season 2018 Event TrailerLearn More: Worlds 2018 EventWelcome to Worlds Season | Worlds Season 2018 Event Trailer"Six weeks. Three events.

Ezreal Gameplay Preview + New Bio & Story

A new gameplay preview video is now out for the Ezreal champion update, showing off a new look and a tweaked kit! Ezreal's biography has also been updated, along with a new short story!Continue reading for more information!Table of ContentsEzreal Gameplay PreviewEzreal BiographyShort Story: An Explorer's JourneyEzreal Gameplay VideoEzreal Gameplay Preview | League of Legends"With a new look and a new W, it’s time for a true display of skill.