Red Post Collection: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23, Helmet Bro: Lulu Vs. Cupcake Brah, & More

Tonight's red post collection includes Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for May 23rd including Jungle followup and a new cursor coming to the PBE for testing soon, MSI 2018 results, a new Helmet Bro episode, reminders, and more!Continue reading for more information!Red Post Collection: /Dev on ARAM changes, Bilgewater Bridge returns, June sales schedule, & more!5/17 PBE Update: Pyke Login Theme, New Emotes & More  5/18 PBE Update: Pyke Emote Tweaks & More Tentative Balance ChangesCh

New Dig CEO on returning to CS:GO: 'You're either going to come in and try to buy the best team in the world... or you're going to look to develop and nurture talent'

1:07 - What is your plan with Dignitas now that you are CEO?2:03 - Are you looking to bring Dignitas back to being a premier org in premier games? 5:11 - What titles/leagues are you hoping to join in the future? 8:53 - What "new revenue streams" are you looking at?12:03 - What is your background in the esports scene? 14:41 - What are your plans for your CS:GO team? 17:04 - What is the value that Dignitas sees in the Smash Bros scene?18:30 - What should fans expect from Dignitas? Michael Prindiville is now

Infront and Team Vitality to Breathe New Life into French Esports Scene

Infront and Team Vitality today announced a new exclusive partnership that will see the top French eSport club collaborate with one of the world’s leading sports marketing organisations. Team Vitality are among the top five organisations in Europe, and regularly compete at the world’s best tournaments in League of Legends, Call of Duty, Rocket League, .