Tempo Storm's GM on franchising: 'Now that really good owners are in the league, it really stresses them out to have to play to avoid relegation'

Interview video time stamps and topics:4:42: Taking Reynad to the Playboy Mansion8:07: The ins-and-outs of working at Tempo Storm9:32: LCS franchising12:36: On what it'll take for Tempo Storm to get a league spot24:39: Echo Fox/Delta Fox scrimming controversy35:47: Tempo Storm and the FGC40:05: Being a support sub on Tempo Storm's Overwatch team46:53: Tempo Storm and the Overwatch LeagueTempo Storm might be best known as the heart of Hearthstone, but the organization has teams in several esports including: Overwatch, Vainglory, Super Smash Bros. and a LoL team in the NA Challenger Series

Esports spotlight with Thijs 'Thijs' Molendijk: 'There has been too much changing for me in the last two or three years. It has been like a roller coaster'

Despite an impressive tenure as a competitive Hearthstone player for G2 Esports, Thijs "Thijs" Molendijk has somehow also managed to simultaneously build one of the more popular Twitch streams in the game.He was a European champion in both 2015 and 2016, and qualified for the world championship at BlizzCon 2016 — a repeat appearance, uncommon enough in Hearthstone — but fell short of his own expectations, finishing 13th-16th

Blizzard creates Overwatch esports division with MLG, which will expand

Blizzard announced Tuesday it will create a new esports division for Overwatch that will include the full integration of Major League Gaming (MLG), which Blizzard parent company Activision Blizzard purchased in late 2015. The new division will keep MLG’s name and act become the media division across all Blizzard and Activision games

Is the Overwatch League Worth It? $20m Cost Reported for Franchise Slots

Activision Blizzard’s upcoming Overwatch League has been a constant fixture of the esports press, as everyone from potential franchise owners to journalists speculate on what the league could mean for Overwatch. Richard Lewis reports that sources close to Blizzard told him the owners of the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins have purchased franchises, with multi-million dollar deals for both