Complexity CEO on pitching to Dallas Cowboys owner: 'Complexity was basically a fighter jet that was short on fuel'

Complexity Gaming, one of the North America's oldest esports organizations, has been purchased by an ownership group that includes Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the organization announced Monday.Complexity founder and CEO Jason Lake told theScore esports that the deal came after two years of work from Complexity, and was put in motion after Lake met Travis Goff, the son of John Goff, one of the organization's new major investment partners.

The Top 10 Hearthstone expansions we want to see after Knights of the Frozen Throne

While Hearthstone's newest expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, released just last week, we're already looking forward to where the game's next expansion will take us next.RELATED: Knights of the Frozen Throne card trackerWe've already had a noir gangster pastiche, an Indiana Jones-esq adventure and even a disco themed expansion in Hearthstone's relatively short life, so we can stand pretty well-assured that Team 5 aren't afraid of jumping any sharks.