2016 SKT T1 Skins & kkOma Ward now available!

[Recent News: Runes Content Development Peek / Ask Riot: Poro King Again?]The 2016 SKT T1 Skins and the kkOma ward are now available through 7/19!Continue reading for the details on cost and availability, as well as full previews and videos!Table of ContentsRelease Announcement2016 SKT T1 Skin PreviewsSKT T1 EkkoSKT T1 JhinSKT T1 NamiSKT T1 OlafSKT T1 SyndraSKT T1 ZacSKT T1 kkOma Ward SkinSKT Sound Effects UpdateRelease AnnouncementFrom the release announcement - "SKT T1 2016 Skins now available!""SKT T1 2016 SKINS NOW AVAILABLEEmerging victorious after an incredible 5-game finals series, the legendary SK telecom T1 raised the Summoner’s Cup for the third time in four seasons, defending the throne as the best pro team in League of Legends. Reign like SKT with the 2016 World Championship Skins, available through July 19, 2017, at 23:59 PT