Follow eSports signs Team Illuminati

Follow eSports is expanding once again, this time picking up Team Illuminati's Hearthstone roster, along with Victor "Vlps" Lopez and Anthony "Ant" Trevino, the organization announced Thursday. Vlps, along with Team Illuminati's Matt "Dart" Orgel and David "itsProtoHype" Kunze are already qualified for BlizzCon North American Qualifiers, which will take place from Sept 12 to 20

MLG resets Pro League ladder in reaction to DDoS attack

Major League Gaming (MLG) has decided to reset it's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare pro ladder after multiple DDoS attacks have damaged the league's integrity.In an official announcement on their website, MLG confirmed the decision to reset the competition was a reaction to player connectivity issues which had "compromised the field of play and put results into question

NaDeSHoT: a career retrospective

Call of Duty eSports continues to explode in popularity and growth, but only one player has become the face of the community. Matt “NaDeSHoT” Haag has roots in humble beginnings as a simple kid with an interest in video games, but he grew from a teenager with an unappealing job at a fast food restaurant to a colossal figure in the video game industry