Infographic: Dota 2's new competitive season explained

With the news that Valve will be overhauling the Major system for the 2017-18 competitive season, Dota 2 is taking another step at stabilizing its competitive scene, with a points-based circuit that will allow for qualification to The International 2018.RELATED: Valve announces sweeping changes to Major system, reworks TI qualifiers for 2018To help you keep track of the changes, we compiled this handy comparison chart that details the major differences between this year and next year's Dota 2 season

LD on Dota 2's new qualifying points system: 'There are a lot of opportunities for abuse'

Podcast video topics and time stamps:2:34 LD on his gut reaction to the Major changes6:40 Opportunities for abuse with qualification points system14:51 Playing by Valve's rules16:45 Minimum requirements for Major and Minor tournaments21:30 Promoting and supporting third-party tournaments25:10 Bringing back third-party compendiums30:40 Franchising in other esports vs. Valve's system37:08 LD's thoughts on the Valve system45:15 Colin, Ryan and Dennis have awkward goodbyesWith Valve having announced sweeping changes to the Dota 2 Major system, increasing third-party support for tournaments and changing the ways that teams qualify for The International, theScore esports spoke with David "LD" Gorman to help break it down

I Predict A Riot: Kaizer Chiefs to run esports stage at RUSH esports event

Kaizer Chiefs, the South African football club, has announced its participation at the RUSH Esports event which takes place from July 21-23 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg. The RUSH event is an esports event which brings together a number of different tournaments, platforms and game titles under one roof giving visitors the opportunity to experience competitive gaming first hand